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Talking Alarm Clock 2.0

Talking Alarm Clock lets your computer remind you of important dates and events
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Cinnamon Software Inc.

Talking Alarm Clock is a desktop utility which helps the user to become punctual. Streamline all important activities, business meetings, important dates, events and many other tasks, with the help of this clock. This tool can be used to set reminders. It also works as a talking animated alarm clock using Microsoft Agent. Talking Alarm Clock helps you to get familiar with all its features very easily. When you select its help option, it will display a description of whatever the mouse is pointing at. You can set alarms using multiple scheduling options, choose an animated character to set reminders, choose advanced character option for more settings, select several alarms easily. This tool can also ensure that reminders can be repeated on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Furthermore, you can view how the alarm will look play a sound file or a video clip as a reminder, sort all the alarms in groups and much more. The supported media formats include WAV, MIDI, MP3, WMA, AIF, SND, MPEG, AVI, and WMV. This program is freeware and supports most of the Windows operating systems.

Venugopal Naidu
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  • Freeware
  • Supports many media formats and can play video clips too


  • Only Windows XP and Vista users can use the group alarm feature
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